On this page, we list some of the powerful testimonials we've added to our collection over the past month.

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The most efficient way possible

Please post this on your site: If you want to take personal improvement to the next level in just a matter of minutes, then you owe it to yourself to try these Sonic Vitamins. I have, and they've really improved how I work on a day-to-day basis. Just decide how you want to feel, then play the session for that state. It's very simple, and the sessions are really powerful!”

— R. Dalton, Salem, OR


It really was a great night out!

I tried the X-Cite session and was pleasantly surprised. I listened to the recording (pretty cool, by the way!) on a Friday evening before going out to a club and had a fabulous time. It was a buzz and the whole atmosphere seemed balanced and comfortable. It really was a great night out!”

— D. Walters, Henderson, NV

Stay ahead of the pack

For a long time, I've known that brainwave entrainment is one technique used by intelligent people to stay ahead of the pack. Then I discovered your site, and 'wow' I was amazed. These Sonic Vitamin shots give me a way of achieving certain states faster and easier than ever before. I am a new loyal customer and fan!”

— V. Malone, Albany, NY

Nothing comes close to the sheer effectiveness of Sonic Vitamins

This technology is powerful stuff. I’ve tried a lot of systems and brainwave CDs over the years. Some have been more successful than others; but nothing comes close to the sheer power in your Sonic Vitamins collection. I've already recommended a few of my friends to your site.”

— J. Larkson, Bolder, CO

Amazing technology that does exactly what it says

I often need a quick energy boost in the afternoon, before my gym work, and that's why I bought the session. I listen to the EnergyPeak recording most days. I did the same today, and I was on fire within minutes, and for the rest of the day. Good to find [...] amazing audio tech that does exactly what it says it will do.”

— T. Williams, Brampton, ON

I never usually rave, but this one really is powerful

Usually a cynic of this sort of stuff. I’ve heard of binaural beats and what they claim to be able to do, but didn’t really believe it. Then I tried your brainwave sessions, and they really surprised me. I never rave about programs like this, but this one really is as powerful and effective as they say it is. Can’t wait to try another session!”

— K. Hartley, Carmel, CA

It’s sensational

As simple as it is profound, this system is probably the best and most efficient way to alter your state of mind I’ve ever come across. It’s sensational – and please publish this - I highly recommend you give it a try!”

— F. Monroe, Sherman, TX

I wish I had this stuff a few years ago. Fabulous!

I thought meditation was difficult, especially these days. Someone once told me it can take years to get any good at it. But since I discovered Sonic Vitamins, it really does seem as easy as pressing the play button on my stereo. I wish I had this stuff a few years ago. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!”

— A. Nelson, Richmond, BC

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